Class RelatedManager

Class that represents all instances of modelDef whose field named foreignKey has the value id. Also used for the reverse relation of ForeignKey.

class RelatedManager(modelDef, relModelDef, foreignKey, id, joinModelDef)
  • modelDef (Object) – Model definition. See Model.
  • relModelDef (Object) – Model definition of the related model.
  • foreignKey (String) – Name of the foreign key field.

If joinModelDef is provided then foreignKey is a column of the join table and the join table is joined with the modelDef table. If joinModelDef is not given, foreignKey is a column in the modelDef table.

param id:Value of the foreignKey column, that the related model instances have in common
param Object joinModelDef:
 Model definition of an intermediate join table. This is used for ManyToManyFields.

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